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Level Up with VRcading

We love having fun clients and we stumbled across this one on the boardwalk. We were at the OC Kite Festival and my son wanted to check out VRcading on the boardwalk. He had so much fun, he was like "MOM you have to try this!," and I did! Next thing you know, I was talking to the owner about how cool his Virtual Arcade is.

We offer sample shirts to customers. We loved the Haunted House ride in VRcading so we decided to create an "I Survived" shirt for them. After further talks, interest has been shown to create a t-shirt for the popular games at VRcading. This shows our commitment to our customer relations and extends our emphasis on a healthy relationship.

We redid VRcading's logo to give it a fun character, much like you in their games. A logo is a symbol, name or trademark of a company. Logos are used by companies because they represent a concise image of the company. A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. People generally find it easier to remember a simple image over words alone. Our eyes are drawn to visual objects and well designed logos add visual appeal to printed documents and web pages. Logo design is one the most challenging areas of graphic design and often one that is sorely undervalued. We can create or redo your logo along with entire branding packaging for consistency. Brand consistency is something that many people don’t consciously notice unless it’s not there; in which case, they come away with the impression that you don’t pay attention to the details or a feeling that you are unprofessional.

Bright yellow staff shirts were created so that staff could easily be identified and quickly assist patrons in the arcade. On the back of the shirts are 10 handpicked staff favorites, chosen out of 100s of the available games.

But even before you get into the arcade, you need some curb appeal. We created window clings, frames, banners and shopping center entrance signs for VRcading.

We recently had a VR Birthday party for my son's 13th. He absolutely loved it and so did his friends and their parents. The staff at VRcading were extremely accommodating and made sure everyone had the time of their lives. VRcading utilizes virtual reality hardware that lets you explore a huge variety of games as a character inside each of their respective worlds. It's like you're in a virtual world of gaming but also a real life adventure. Being able to experience an entire new world with your own eyes from the perspective of the main character is an outstanding feeling.

As you can see Midnight Design and Promos is truly an extension to your marketing from branding to advertising.

Contact us today for a free consultation, we would love to learn more about your business.

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